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Clothes are your expression

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It’s the first one…so here’s a glimps into my style

I’ll admit it. I am 100% addicted to Fashion.


  • Betsey Johnson
  • ModCloth
  • H&M
  • The Loft
  • Franchesca’s
  • Forever21
  • TJMaxx (when they’ve got the good stuff!)
  • Jessica Simpson’s shoes

I never thought I’d love the vintage looks. I wish there were more places around Topeka for some great vintage clothes. I know Lawrence has some good finds, but unfortunately I don’t always have the time to run over there. Bummer.

I also, never thought I would wear hats. But Fedoras are pretty awesome this season, I won’t lie. I love mine!

Each time I watch 500 Days of Summer I become more obsessed with Zoey’s wardrobe in that movie. Just amazing. It wouldn’t hurt if I had a personal stylists and tons of money to throw around for new clothing. A girl can dream, right?

Till next time. This was a bit short, but it’s a start.